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GenomeBiology.com [EN]
Biology for the post-genomic era.

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GenomeWeb [Genetics] [EN]
Stay ahead of the helix with GenomeWeb News. Visit 2, 3, 4 times a day for concise, authoritative news reports on the business and technology of genomics, updated continuously
Biomolecular Screening - The Online Scientific Community [Genetics] [EN]
The world of Biomolecular Screening
ITPapers.com - Genetic Engineering [Genetics] [EN]
Recent Genetic Engineering White Papers Added to ITPapers.com
BIOBUSINESS New Facilities/Expansion news from GEN [Genetics, Biotech, Investments] [EN]
Highlights new facilities, further expansions, and relocations.
BIOBUSINESS Bioenergy news from GEN [Genetics, Biotech, Investments] [EN]
Focuses on news on biofuels.
Nature Genetics [Genetics] [EN]
Publishes the very highest quality research in genetics.
American Journal of Human Genetics [Genetics] [EN]
(AJHG) Published by the University of Chicago for the American Society of Human Genetics
Nature Reviews Genetics [Genetics] [EN]
Monthly review journal; Genetics
Invitrogen Live Science Enhanced Podcasts [PodCasts, iPod, Genetics, Biotech] [EN]
FREE Bioscience seminars delivered to your iPod
EvolutionBlog [Weblogs E-L, Religion, Genetics] [EN]
Commentary on the Endless Dispute Between Evolution and Creationism
Gene Expression [Weblogs E-L, Genetics] [EN]
Human evolution, genetics, genomics and their interstices
DISCOVER Magazine | Living World [Genetics] [EN]
Dinosaurs, Evolution, Genetics, New Species, Primates, Strange Animals, and more
CDC Genetics [Genetics] [EN]
The mission of the Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention is to integrate advances in human genetics into public health research, policy, and programs
BIOBUSINESS IPO News news from GEN [Genetics, Biotech, Investments] [EN]
Notes companies going public.
Mike the Mad Biologist [Weblogs M-R, Genetics, Biotech] [EN]
Mad rantings about politics, evolution, and microbiology
GenomeBiology.com [Genetics] [EN]
Biology for the post-genomic era.
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