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Computerworld Operating Systems News [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Computerworld.com connects the IT community with important news, business and technology information, as well as with their peers. The site complements and expands beyond the print edition of Computerworld with a continuous feed of technology news and ana
Techworld.com OS and Servers Features [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Latest OS and Servers features from Techworld
Techworld.com OS and Servers News [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Latest OS and Servers news from Techworld
ZDNet Australia: Operating System Reviews [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Operating System Reviews | ZDNet.com.au
DABCC [Platforms & OS] [EN]
The latest Citrix Support, Terminal Services, Web Interface, Secure Gateway, Thin Client, and Virtualization related news, tips & tricks, events, downloads, and training resources by Douglas A. Brown and http://www.dabcc.com/dabcc
1888 Press Release.com - Operating Systems [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Free Press Release Distribution Service
Oracle Technology Network Blog [Platforms & OS] [EN]
New services and resources to help developers, DBAs, and architects build, deploy, manage, and optimize applications using Oracle products and industry-standard technologies.
1888 Press Release.com - Databases [Platforms & OS] [EN]
Free Press Release Distribution Service
ITP.net | Operating systems [Platforms & OS, Middle East] [EN]
Middle East technology & IT news portal including latest information technology news,Technology news & features,Technology Reviews,Interviews & Analysis,Mobility news
Oracle JDeveloper News [Internet, Platforms & OS, Technology] [EN]
The latest news and information related to Oracle JDeveloper
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