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*Coder Blog [EN]
Mike Piatek-Jimenez's weblog.
Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog [EN]
Published by Kathleen M. McCarthy
AlterNet.org: Media and Technology [EN]
Alternative News and Information.
.Net Adventures [EN]
.Net Evangelism

Complete List
Nowhere Man [Weblog] [EN]
Nowhere Man
New Media Currents with John Houghton [Weblog] [EN]
New Media Currents is a podcast designed to help the business professional understand new media trends to gain competitive advantage. On this program we consider theoretical and practial issues of how businesses can take advantage of the latest developme
Syslog | BuilderAU.com.au [Technology, Weblog] [EN]
Syslog | BuilderAU.com.au
0xDECAFBAD [Weblog] [EN]
This is an attempt to pop the top off my head and expose the gearwork and squishy bits for your perusal and ridicule. To counter my perfectionist ways, I want to Release Early, Release Often. So, while I hope the signal stays high, the danger of noise is
~stevenf [Weblog] [EN]
Macs, gadgets, and general geekery.
ScottWater [Weblog] [EN]
Scott Watermasysk's .NET Perspective
The Industry Standard's Trackback Weblog [Weblog] [EN]
What people are saying about and references to The Industry Standard.
Starfrosch Audioblog Podcast [Weblog] [EN]
Free Netaudio MP3 for download.
90% Crud [Weblog] [EN]
Sure, 90% of weblogs are crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud.
15dn Blog [Weblog] [EN]
A sometimes eccentric and slightly off centre view of Internet Marketing and Web Design...
Bill Nienhuis | Digital Things and Other Random Thoughts [Weblog] [EN]
...and other random thoughts from Bill Nienhuis
The Blog Herald [Weblog] [EN]
more blog news more often
Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print! [Weblog] [EN]
"The information of the people at large can alone make them
MSNBC.com: Weblogs [Weblog] [EN]
MSNBC.com is a leader in breaking news and original journalism.
Ourmedia [Weblog] [EN]
Share your videos, audio files, photos, text or software – for free – with a global community of creative individuals.Get your works noticed and recognized. Make your voice heard. Register now – here's why.
EchoDitto [Weblog] [EN]
90% Crud [Weblog] [EN]
Sure, 90% of weblogs are crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud.
VC Adventure [Weblog] [EN]
You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike . . .
memeorandum [Weblog] [EN]
memeorandum presents an automated hourly synopsis of the latest online news and opinion, combining weblog commentary with traditional news reports. This feed includes the most-discussed articles from memeorandum, providing a roster of bloggers remarking
b5media [Weblog] [EN]
456 Berea Street [Weblog] [EN]
456 Berea Street is where Roger Johansson writes about web standards, accessibility, usability and other topics related to web design and development.
1000 Flowers Bloom [Weblog] [EN]
Silicon Valley is fertile ground
Visit Scotland - Podcast [Weblog] [EN]
Edinburgh Podcast
Casey McKinnon [Weblog] [EN]
Casey McKinnon is an actress, host, writer, producer and pioneer in the new media field who was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.
USATODAY.com News Opinion - Wickham [Weblog] [EN]
USATODAY.com News Opinion - Wickham (USA TODAY)
anina.net [Weblog] [EN]
a model life
Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward [Weblog] [EN]
Sustainable Business. Clean Technology. Green Marketplace.
Minding the Planet [Weblog] [EN]
Nova Spivack's Journal of Unusual News & Ideas
Movable Type News [Weblog] [EN]
Movable Type News
Blog Perfume [Weblog] [EN]
- WordPress Blogs with Themes, Plugins and Blogging Resources
The Epoch Times - China News [Weblog] [EN]
The Epoch Times covers breaking international and local news, with editions in US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and New Zealand.
Liquidity Finance [Weblog] [EN]
Liqudity Finance is a progressive finance brokerage specialising in providing solutions for property investors.
the Mail online | Baz Bamigboye [Weblog] [EN]
Latest from the Daily Mail's showbiz reporter
AHL Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Every new rule you see now in the NHL was likely conceived in the AHL. Check out Patrick Williams on SLAM! Sports all season long for the latest AHL rumours, gossip and gripes.
Sun Columnist - Chris Stevenson [Weblog] [EN]
Canada's home page for sports Chris Stevenson
Back of the Pack [Weblog] [EN]
CBC News Online's consumer and health producer shares his take on trends in fitness and health.
Fifth Estate [Weblog] [EN]
Discussion about programs airing on the fifth estate.
Hockey Night Extra [Weblog] [EN]
Recalls and Advisories [Weblog] [EN]
The latest on consumer product recalls and advisories.
Toni Sant's Blog [Weblog] [EN]
First blog on the MaltaMedia Online Network.
Travel Gear Blog [Weblog] [EN]
One Stop Guide to Travel Gear & Gadgets
Eurail Blog [Weblog] [EN]
BootsnAll's one-stop Eurail Resource
BootBlog [Weblog] [EN]
Behind the Scenes at BootsnAll Travel Network
PE HUB: All Posts [Weblog] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
PE HUB: All [Weblog] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
PE HUB: Buyout Deals [Weblog] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
PE HUB: PE Exits [Weblog] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
PE HUB: General [Weblog] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
Unclutterer [Weblog] [EN]
Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized. A place for everything, and everything in its place is our gospel.
Margaret & Zach's wedding [Weblog] [EN]
September 22, 2007, Washington, DC
TravelRM [Weblog] [EN]
Independently owned hotels & condos, excursions, travel tips, blog for Playa del Carmen, Tulum & more.
PE.com - Commuting Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Phil PitchfordPhil has been a reporter at The Press-Enterprise since 1990 and has covered transportation since mid-2005. He writes about all the ways people get around, from solo driving to the far reaches of Southern California to how local freeway impro
PE.com College Football Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Just another PE.com Blog Network site
PE.com Lakers Blog [Weblog] [EN]
PE.com - Press-Enterprise
Cayman Net News Local Commentaries [Weblog] [EN]
Commentaries and opinion from Cayman Net News contributors
Virtual Womens Health [Weblog] [EN]
Virtual Womens Health Medical Blog
The WINNERonline Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Online Gambling News and Opinions
The Hendon Mob Newest Articles [Weblog] [EN]
The Hendon Mob: The coolest poker website on the net. Tips, competitions, the best forum and the most comprehensive poker database.
On The Record [Weblog] [EN]
Just another ireland.com weblog
Correspondent [Weblog] [EN]
Mark Hennessy's Election 2007 weblog
Present Tense [Weblog] [EN]
Just another ireland.com weblog
The Writing Show [Weblog] [EN]
Information and Inspiration for Writers
La Rose & Le Chou [Weblog] [EN]
Assocation du val d'Oise - 95
zara's voice recorder [Weblog] [EN]
Liz Strauss at Successful Blog [Weblog] [EN]
You're only a stranger once. . . .
Quick Online Tips [Weblog] [EN]
Technology Bits and Blogging Tips.
Remarkablogger [Weblog] [EN]
Remarkable Blog Consulting and Coaching
Blogsessive.com [Weblog] [EN]
Blogging tips and WordPress tools
Blogging Tips [Weblog] [EN]
Blogging Guides, News, Tips, Resources
GMA News.tv - Blogs [Weblog] [EN]
GMA News.tv brings you the latest news from GMA News teams and highlights of your favorite shows. Subscribe now and stay up-to-date with GMA News.tv.
TheHill.com: In The Know [Weblog] [EN]
TheHill.com: In The Know
FAIR Blog [Weblog] [EN]
The national media watch group
Headlines Blog [Weblog] [EN]
The latest Headlines, news and blog posts from ABC News contributors and bloggers.
freep - blogs [Weblog] [EN]
Detroit Free Press Staff blogs featuring thoughts and commentary about issues and entertainment, in Metro Detroit and beyond.
/dev/nul [Weblog] [EN]
Cameron Purdy
B3ta Newsletter [Weblog] [EN]
The weekly newsletter from b3ta.com
43 Folders [Weblog] [EN]
A bunch of tricks, hacks, and cool stuff.
Upgrade Your Mind [Weblog] [EN]
You Are One Thought Away From Change, One Idea Away From Breakthrough
BloggerCon News [Weblog] [EN]
Celebrating the art and science of weblogs, November 6 at Stanford Law School.
Adaptive Path Blog [Weblog, Design & Content] [EN]
Adaptive Path Blog
Blog World Expo | The Original Blogger Conference [Weblog] [EN]
The worlds largest blogging trade show, and conference, dedicated to promoting the dynamic industry of blogging and new media
ECOS Sustainability News [Weblog] [EN]
Recent articles from Australia’s leading science for sustainable development magazine ECOS
JSOnline Weblog - Packer Insider: Packers on the Web [Weblog, Sports] [EN]
The Journal Sentinel sports staff brings Green Bay Packer fans the latest news, notes, analysis and links from around the Web
1888 Press Release.com - Employment Opportunity [Weblog] [EN]
Free Press Release Distribution Service
1888 Press Release.com - Blogs [Weblog] [EN]
Free Press Release Distribution Service
Breaking News from The Birmingham News [Alabama, Weblog] [EN]
Real-time news updates from The Birmingham News
WSJ.com: Health Blog [Weblog, Health] [EN]
WSJ's blog on health and the business of health.
DAILY NATION - Blogs [Weblog, Kenya] [EN]
Breaking News, Kenya, Africa, Politics, Business, Sports, Blogs, Photos, Videos
KickingTires [Weblog, Auto] [EN]
The Blog For Car Buyers
Library of Congress Blog [Librarians, Weblog] [EN]
"Light and liberty go together."
Blogs | BuilderAU.com.au [Technology, Weblog] [EN]
Blogs | BuilderAU.com.au
The .NET Effect | BuilderAU.com.au [Weblog, Technology] [EN]
The .NET Effect | BuilderAU.com.au
Code Monkey Business | BuilderAU.com.au [Technology, Weblog] [EN]
Code Monkey Business | BuilderAU.com.au
Beta Living | BuilderAU.com.au [Technology, Weblog] [EN]
Beta Living | BuilderAU.com.au
Web Anatomy | BuilderAU.com.au [Internet, Weblog] [EN]
Web Anatomy | BuilderAU.com.au
My Adventures Underwater and On Land [Travel, Weblog] [EN]
Blue waters is my paradise. Bookers is my heaven. Music is my soul. Travelling is my eternal quest. Gourmet food and drinks lover, i am. Nudibranchs are the jewels i cannot have. Yoga, is something i need to revive.
Daily Star :: Star Blogger's Blog [Celebrities, Weblog] [EN]
The very latest news, sport and showbiz from Britain's most successful newspaper - updated 24/7!
Michigan Estate Planning Lawyer Blog [Weblog, Michigan] [EN]
Michigan estate planning and elder law news
Hawaii Blog [Hawaii, Weblog] [EN]
Hawaii Blog — Blogging the Aloha State and Beyond
SEO BlackHat: Black Hat SEO Blog [Search Engines, Weblog] [EN]
Tired of useless Top 10 Lists for ranking in Google? Looking for effective and insightful info? SEO Black Hat Blog offers articles on Blackhat SEO, Linkbait & Link Spamming.
Yoast [Marketing, Weblog] [EN]
Tweaking Websites
Caroline Middlebrook [Weblog, Marketing] [EN]
Making money online - or trying to! I'm blogging out loud as I delve into the world of Internet Marketing & Social Media
ClickNewz! Internet Marketing Blog [Marketing, Weblog] [EN]
Internet Marketing blog by Lynn Terry with Tips, Reviews, Case Studies & Ideas to help you succeed with your online business
Confessions Of A Super Duper Affiliate [Weblog, Marketing] [EN]
Affiliate marketing information, help, reviews, and tips.
Link Spiel [Marketing, Weblog] [EN]
Link Building | Website Promotion
Search Engine People Blog [Search Engines, Weblog] [EN]
Canada's Search and Social Media Authority
DesMoinesRegister.com: Golf [Golf, Weblog] [EN]
The Des Moines Register's Web site, covering Iowa and the world
Benzinga.com | Daily Blog Watch [Weblog, Business] [EN]
Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News, Trading Ideas, and Stock Research by Professionals.
Business blog [Business, Weblog] [EN]
The latest Business news and blog posts from ABC News contributors and bloggers.
Technology blog [Technology, Weblog] [EN]
The latest Technology news and blog posts from ABC News contributors and bloggers.
Health blog [Health, Weblog] [EN]
The latest Health news and blog posts from ABC News contributors and bloggers.
Official Contracting Blog – UK Contractor Blog [Weblog, IT, Jobs] [EN]
Contracting blog for contractors to discuss or post comments on contracting in the UK. Official contractor UK blog.
2020 Hindsight [Weblog] [EN]
Now brought to you in WordPress.
Boldcareer [Weblog, Jobs] [EN]
Tips from a Pro
Pacific Coast Hellway [Weblog] [EN]
Hollywood's self-important prima donna egos get lampooned, roasted and deflated on the PCH. Host Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff uses his acid wit and acerbic tongue to skewer celebrity culture. Forget the sycophantic lackeys of Entertainment Tonight. Nemcoff and
Rolling Stone: Out There with David Fricke [Weblog, Music] [EN]
Fricke's Picks : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
Data Mining [Weblog] [EN]
Text Mining, Data Mining and Social Media
Australia Blog [Weblog] [EN]
One Stop Travel Guide to Australia
Anil John | Blog [Internet, Weblog] [EN]
Anil John on Architecture, Digital Security, Service Orientation
Jasmine's Kitchen Of All Things Nice [Brunei, Cooking & Food Reviews, Weblog] [EN]
We provide food that are 100% halal and we do not use any artificial additives - only wholesome goodness!! We do deliver for a small fee (around Brunei/Muara district only). You can also collect the orders from our sister's tailoring shop which is at the
The BlogTalkRadio Blog [Radio, Internet, Weblog] [EN]
Discover more about BlogTalkRadio press and news. BTR is the leading web radio and podcast network online.
First Amendment Lawyer Blog [Law, Weblog] [EN]
Published by Karl Olson
Small Business Search Marketing [Marketing, Weblog] [EN]
Because not everyone can throw thousands of dollars at the 'How do we market ourselves online?' question...
muhammad saleem - social media maven [Society, Weblog] [EN]
Venture into the world of social media with news, commentary, and reviews, from social media maven Muhammad Saleem.
BBC Rugby Union Blog [Rugby, Weblog] [EN]
This is BBC Sport's rugby union blog, which pulls together in one place recent posts about rugby union from our bloggers. Links to the blogs of all the contributors can be found below.
Politics Blog [Politics, Weblog] [EN]
The latest Politics news and blog posts from ABC News contributors and bloggers including Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos and more.
splorp . blog [Weblog] [EN]
Splorp is the is sound of scooping lasagna. Now served daily with a side of random batherings.
360east | Ahmad Humeid's blog and podcast [Weblog] [EN]
Articles and thoughts on branding, design, architecture, media and technology + Home of MixUp Arabia, a podcast from a confused Arab world
Bali Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Providing tourism information on Bali hotels, vacation and holiday travel. Find the hidden secrets Bali island offers from beaches to apartments and villas.
AlterNet.org: Sex and Relationships [Weblog, Society] [EN]
Alternative News and Information.
AlterNet.org: Immigration [Weblog, Immigration] [EN]
Alternative News and Information.
anakbrunei.org [Weblog, Brunei] [EN]
new media and photography for the WIRED bruneian
The Daily Brunei Resources [Education, Brunei, Weblog] [EN]
- helping to foster a better informed Brunei society -
Brunei Restaurant Review [Brunei, Entertainment, Cooking & Food Reviews, Weblog] [EN]
Your definitive guide to eating out in Brunei.
Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog [Massachusetts, Crime, Weblog] [EN]
Published by Stephen Neyman, P.C.
Colorado Springs Criminal Law Blog [Colorado, Crime, Weblog] [EN]
Published By Timothy Bussey
Florida DUI Traffic Ticket Lawyer Blog [Florida, Law, Weblog] [EN]
Published By Finebloom & Haenel, P.A.
Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Blog [Florida, Law, Weblog] [EN]
Published by Law Offices of Schuler, Halvorson & Weisser
Maryland Injury Attorney Blog [Maryland, Law, Weblog] [EN]
Published by Butschky, Ehlers & Butschky
OddJack Gambling Guide [Sports, Games, Gambling, Weblog] [EN]
OddJack Gambling Guide - Football Sports Betting, Online Casino, Poker, Horse Racing
Communication Overtones [Press & Media, Weblog] [EN]
Communication Overtones, Social Media and Public Relations Strategy
Andy Wibbels [Marketing, Weblog] [EN]
Andy Wibbels - Small business blogging and internet marketing tips from a blogging expert
AlterNet.org: Health and Wellness [Weblog, Health] [EN]
Alternative News and Information.
MetaEfficient Reviews [Weblog, Society, Environmental, Industries, Marketing] [EN]
At MetaEfficient, we investigate and review highly efficient, green products and techniques.
AndroidPIT Blog [Weblog, Home] [EN]
Latest blog entries on www.androidpit.com.
*Coder Blog [Weblog] [EN]
Mike Piatek-Jimenez's weblog.
Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog [Boston, Law, Crime, Weblog] [EN]
Published by Kathleen M. McCarthy
AlterNet.org: Media and Technology [Weblog, Technology] [EN]
Alternative News and Information.
.Net Adventures [Weblog] [EN]
.Net Evangelism
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