Tusk comfortable that EU will prolong anti-Russian sanctions

Chairman of the European Council Tusk D. expresses confidence that the all leaders of the EU will decide on the continuation of the sanctions against Russia. This announcement, he announced on Thursday, May 26, before the beginning of the summit of the "Big Seven".

The corresponding decision, from his words, will be taken "during the next 2 or 3 3 weeks without serious discussions". Furthermore, Tusk warned that the EU will continue steadily to adhere to its position on the problem of the duration of sanctions: restrictive actions will be withdrawn following the complete implementation of the agreements which were signed in Minsk.

"The actions of the EU towards Russia will stay unchanged, including this also applies to economic sanctions, they will remain in force while the Russian Federation does not fully implement all Minsk agreements," the Tusk mass media cited.

ON, MAY 25, Vice-Chancellor, Minister of Economic Affairs and Strength of Germany Zigmar Gabriel criticized the positioning of the EU that sanctions procedures will be completely withdrawn only with 100% enforcement of the agreements. He means the restoration of negotiations with the Kremlin and the phasing-out of sanctions procedures. He emphasizes that "isolation in the permanent will not cause anything."

A little earlier on the same day, the media reported that among the states of the European Union there are disagreements on the issue of sanctions policy. According to correspondents, Poland, the Baltic States, Great Britain and Sweden supported the implementation of restrictive sanctions against Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Italy and Slovakia. Furthermore, Austria favored the normalization of relations with the Kremlin. Germany really wants to stage out sanctions in phases.

Vice-Chancellor, German Economic Creation and Strength Minister Zigmar Gabriel demands a fabulous gradual lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the media reported.

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