Specials for daily rent housings in the capital

Spend one day in Kyiv in high-comfortable lodgings brought to you by Podobovo.com.

Daily rent is an excellent option for those who plan to visit Kyiv longer or shorter. It makes easy to control your stay in Kyiv at any moment of your journey. Either you like the city, its sights and busy nightlife, and then you extend time of your stay quite easily, or you don’t, in case you have decided to return home at any appropriate moment without any fees for early leaving your apartment in Kyiv.

When booking lodgings, it is very important to speak only to the apartment owner, as any intermediaries will only be a waste of your time or will cost you additional expenses for their involvement in the rental process. Our services, such as Podobovo.com or Rentrent365.net, usually take minimal participation in the process of getting an accommodation; furthermore, we are the only ones who can offer you the best suitable apartments in Kyiv without any intermediaries in the rental process. We can help you by providing a wide selection of apartments with all the details about each listed on the site for you, with fixed prices (not to mention our discount and price reduction system) multiplied by easy interface. If you have any questions, call our hotline so that our booking managers can help you to make the perfect choice.

The price of any accommodation in Kyiv depends much on its location

Rentrent365.net will help you to get the cheapest apartments in Kyiv for a few days at any convenient time for you — when the comfort is not so important comparing to the impressions of the city. Apartments in such housing estates as Osokorky, Nyvky or Lisovyy are cheap enough, though all of them are situated near Kyiv metro stations, which makes sightseeing or dating venue easier to reach. Nice place on the left bank of the Dnieper around Darnytsia or Livoberezhna area would be a bit more costly. We also offer more expensive apartments for rent for a day in Kyiv, on Podil or around Khreshchatyk, which is Kyiv’s central street. Nevertheless, you may still find a cheap but comfortable variant for yourself around Khreshchatyk. Therefore, look Podobovo.com up every day in order to find the best and the cheapest option for you to stay in.

We offer you to choose the best of the best. Our service is considered to be one of the best in the country, so very different propositions for daily rent in Kyiv continue to appear on our site.