How to Set Up Wholesale VoIP Termination Sales

Let's look at the various types of VoIP companies, that represent the todays VoIP termination market.

The newly established company needs to be aware that its services and marketing depend on analysis of competitors. Next, is technical experience of its employees. Do they have good skills to install, maintain and support the equipment necessary for service operation?

The best strategy is to find out how you can differentiate your service, its features, and pricing in order to provide a competitive advantage.

VoIP lines

Replacing the PSTN line for households or business centers is the most general types of wholesale VoIP services. There are many national and local providers providing the same services. Service providers usually charge an equal rate monthly. This service is the most common and usually requires a special type of end user equipment. The client usually chooses this service because of the economy.

SIP and PRI Trunks

SIP trunks and PRI enable the enterprises, with the existing premises and PBX, use wholesale VoIP pricing and reduce costs. SIP trunks are one of the fastest growing sectors in the wholesale VoIP termination industry.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is by far the most reliable and feature-rich service for corporate clients. It helps customer to save on PBX and provides a complete cloud-based solution. ITSP possess a PBX server collocation, and phones are connected to these servers by IP.

Additional features include auto attendants, group call features set, graphics and a lot of other options.

Calling Cards

Calling cards are a traditionally common tool for the homes and travelers who do not have access to the international connection. Such customers need the cheap price, so they use calling cards. This is the market, providing a very good profit.

Cloud and mobile applications

Such applications are gaining popularity, they are equipped with the voice mail, call forwarding, auto-secretary, softphone, SMS. In the future, the amount of mobile devices will be larger than the number of computers.

We have covered only the basic directions to start a business. Whatever services you choose to sell, do not forget to pay attention to the equipment. Make sure that you choose a scalable, efficient and reliable equipment, which is necessary for growth and development of your business.