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Hive Group

The Hive Group is a vendor of visual business analytic applications that help users make decisions, cut costs, and increase sales by identifying patterns that cannot be discovered via traditional list or search mechanisms.

Using their "Honeycombs" NewsIsFree developed together with Hive Group the NewsMaps


Lursoft is the company behind the SIETS search engine we are using. SIETS is cost-effective state-of-the-art search engine which has most of the latest features included a search engine can have (e.g. clustering, alerting, interfaces to programming languages, xml storage etc). Via NewsKnowledge it is also possible to license the SIETS search engine with the NewsIsFree news gathering and your own layout for business solutions

Offline Newsreaders

Thanks to our open interfaces you can read our headlines in any offline news reader which is capable of XML-RPC. Check here for a listing of some selected ones.

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