> About this Site: Premium Services

Oh, and no more ads! (except during evaluation period).

You may purchase either or both (combo) services for 12 months (price below is per year).
At the end of each term, you'll need to purchase an extra 12 months (renewal is not automatic). The current period is non refundable.
If you are already subscribed, the extra year will start running at the end of your current subscription period.

Portal Service Export Service Combo Service
USD 25/YearUSD 25/YearUSD 75/Year
Creative Commons Licence All contents and services, both free and premium, are licenced under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons Licence (see our Terms of Service).

> Click Tracking

The system can track the links you visit so you can view the list of items you recently clicked on this page.

> News Alerts

This site lets you track thousand of feeds by building custom pages where you can organize your favorite sources. However, for people who want to remain constantly up to date with the latest events, NewsIsFree features news alerts:
  • you can choose to receive latest items from selected sources by email, instant message or SMS, minutes after they are spotted by our web spider which checks hundreds of sites every hour.
  • to activate this feature, look out for the [watch] link next to feed names in the source lists and the source information pages
  • the system will track those feeds. It will optionally display links to updated sources in the side navigation area.
  • It will also mail you the news items in HTML or plain text format.
Get your alerts configured now.

> Weather Reports

In addition to news headlines you can also add weather reports for thousands of cities around the world with 5 days forecast. This information is updated every hour.

To add weather information to any of your custom pages, simply open the content configuration page (bring up your custom page, click the "Content" link at the top) and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

There's a button there which will take you to a page where you can add cities from many different countries to your weather box.

Weather boxes many contain any number of cities and you may have several weather boxes on any single page.

> RSS Feeds

The default RSS feeds proposed by NewsIsFree only contain the last 5 five items for a given source, with no description.
You may create your own custom feeds which contain all the items, with the description (if available and other options).

If you are subscribed already, you may check out your feeds now.

These feeds are intended to be used by you only and you are expected not to share the links to the RSS files. They are available in RSS format for PERSONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL use only (see our Terms of Service).

> Web Services

Web Services let you access many of this site using XML-RPC or SOAP calls. This can be extremely useful if you want to integrate live news in your applications.

> Blogging Tools

Available in both premium services, NewsIsFree provides tools which let you post headlines to your blog using common APIs (Application Programming Interface). Any software that supports the Blogger API or the metaWeblog API can be used with this service.

To use this service, you need to register your blog. You may register as many blogs as you wish. The service currently does not support posting to blog categories (as featured by MovableType or RadioUserland).

Once you have registered your blogs, you may select one or more headlines (using the checkboxes next to each headline title), and click the "Blog It!" button at the top of the page to post the items to your blogs.

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