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NewsIsFree is a web site designed to let you access thousands of news sources with a powerful and flexible portal for browsing, indexing and publishing news headlines.

News Sources

NewsIsFree currently features 37505 news channels, ranging from high profile news sources, to very specific topic sites, to weblogs. Sources are gathered either from their syndication feed or by analysing the actual web pages.

Sources are updated as often as every fifteen minutes, although actual update rate depends on how often each source changes. Each source is updated at least once a day.

Personal Newsportal

The site collects headlines from a collection of news relevant web sites around the web and displays them on a number of custom pages.

NewsIsFree also features a powerful search engine which indexes news items in real time so you can keep upto-date on the current events.

Personal Syndication

If you prefer to use sources in your desktop aggregator or want to add news to your website, most sources here are available in free RSS feeds for non-commercial usage.

Premium Services

In addition to the free features above, we have introduced premium services:

  • Premium Portal provides more customization of your pages, news alerts (receiving new items by mail as they become available), and more...
    You can also easily publish news articles to your weblog.
  • Premium Export lets our build custom RSS feeds which can be used on your website or in your news reader. It also provides access to a featureful XML-RPC interface.
  • Personal NewsMaps
    As users with many subscribed sources tend to be swamped by an information overload we are offering an industry first: Personalized NewsMaps. Users can create NewsMaps from their custom page, custom search or from the Headline Browser (with language filters applied). This will allow you to be more efficient and effective with staying up-to-date.

Creative Commons Licence All content and services are licenced under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons Licence (see our Terms of Service).

Advanced Syndication with NewsKnowledge.com


NewsKnowledge is the commercial branch of NewsIsFree.
Personal Websites and weblogs are allowed to receive RSS files from NewsIsFree. For commercial websites, Intranet Portals etc. NewsKnowledge provides an easy way to create custom headline feeds which integrate easily. Create your free test account today!

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